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Visite guidate Gradara. Visite guidate castello di Gradara
Gradara and its castle

Gradara is a little, nice, medieval “borgo”, one of the most beautiful in all Italy. It is in the Marche Region and in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, that is the northern in our region. It is not far from Gabicce, Cattolica and Pesaro.

As far as Gradara concerns the word castle means the fortress with its two rings of walls built in the first half of XIV century by Pandolfo Malatesta. These two rings of walls were surrounded by a dry moat equipped with a drawbridge. Both rings of walls are crowned with guelph battlements while the 19 towers are ghibbellins. Lords of Gradara were : Malatestas, Sforzas and Della Rovere.

Mr. Marinelli said …..Gradara is one of the finest and most complete strongholds of the XIV century…..

Gradara is the castle of the two unlucky lovers Paolo and Francesca and of beautiful women such as: the unlucky Francesca Da Polenta, the dangerous Lucrezia Borgia, the humanist Vittoria Farnese and Alberta Porta Natale who was the last lady of the castle.

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